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Are you upset that you had to put the FXR t-shirts and shorts away for the winter, irritable about snow being on the ground, or have the INTENSE want to be back out on your bike making some of the greatest experiences of your life? Lucky for you, just because we live in a climate that experiences some pretty cold/snowy days doesn't mean that you have to put the bike away for the next six months! 


How Can I Ride All Year Round?

Listen up, our Albertan winters may not be extremely enjoyable during the really frigid days but 85% of the time the weather truly isn't that awful. We can't do much to change the weather but we can prepare ourselves and our motorcycles to tackle the winter and make it a much more enjoyable season. Through our partners at Mitas Tires and BFD Moto, we are able to get all the gear you need to shred in the winter and make the best out of the weather! Trust us, once you try studded riding... you will NEVER go back to parking your bike!


Let's Get To Work

Save yourself a few countless hours of reading through the forums and on various websites about winter tire set-ups. We have tried all the different styles of studding up for the winter including tires, studs, glue, etc. and we have found the very best kit that works everywhere from Koocanusa to McLean Creek. Our favorite people over at BFD Moto have built their own winter tire kit that has everything you need to have an epic experience in the snow. The kit includes:

1 X Mitas 80/100-21 Front Pre-Dimpled Tire
1 X Mitas 110/100-18 Rear Pre-Dimpled Tire
3 X 100 Pack Front Gripstuds
3 X 100 Pack Rear Gripstuds
1 X Front Gripstud Tool
1 X Rear Gripstud Tool


Why Is This Kit The Best?

There are a ton of reasons that this kit is worth it compared to a few others out there and we are going to break down the specifics of why it's worth it, and how you will save some $$.

Mitas Winter Friction Tires: You already know that we are huge fans and give Mitas massive praise for their incredible off-road and MX tires during the summer, but they really step it up when the temperatures drop compared to other brands. There is not one single mainstream tire manufacture that develops tires specifically for the colder temperatures (other then Mitas), and these have been tried and tested by some of the best riders in the world. The winter friction tire comes pre-dimpled for easy stud installation as well as to ensure that the studs are in the knob straight and aren't going to rip out under any form of pressure. The problem using an alternative regular compound tire is that for temperatures below 0, the rubber turns into a rock hard "hockey-puck" feel and the knobs end up ripping right off, which in turn makes you lose your studs as well. They are priced above regular compound tires for a reason and when your winter friction tire holds its same rubber compound at fifteen below, you will be STOKED you took our advice! (These tires work incredible both for off-road and MX)

Mitas WINTER FRICTION Tires - YouTube (From Mitas Directly)

Grip Studs: We know what you are thinking, "Over $1.50 for a stud... these guys are crazy!" This is where the biggest mistake you can make happens in the winter tire set-up process. Without a proper screw in stud for your tires it doesn't matter where you go, but the overall riding experience really suffers. Grip Studs offers two different style of durable studs to deliver unbelievable traction to ride in even the nastiest weather. They have a unique wide-auger design that can be installed in a matter of seconds with a cordless drill and they stay sharp the entire season. The biggest difference between them and the cheap studs is the carbide shaft that has instant grabbing power and prevents your studs from shearing off. There are cheaper studs out there, but being stuck in a valley when they are all sheared us not exactly what we picture of a fun ride.

What are the BEST Winter Riding Studs for a Dirtbike | BFD Moto - YouTube

BFD Moto Winter Tire Kit


Pro Tips And Tricks

Now that you know where to get the best winter tire set-up, we thought we would share a few tips and tricks with you that we use during the winter.

1. Duct Tape On Your Footpegs

This is a classic trick right here. Have you ever been riding and struggled to keep your feet on the pegs because you feel like you're riding on ice? It is a common problem to have! Take a roll of duct tape and wrap around the main part of your footpegs 1-2 times to avoid the frozen ice ball. With the duct tape on your pegs, snow and ice cannot be trapped inside allowing you to have regular traction like normal!

2. Hockey Tape On Your Levers

There is no way around it, your levers will get slippery and wet! To prevent loss of control, wrap some hockey tape around them and don't worry about it getting too slippery!

3. Always Carry A Light And A Saw

Safety comes first and you will want to pay attention just a little more in the winter. The days are short, the darkness comes fast and so do the cold temperatures. Don't get yourself stuck in a tricky situation without a light, or a saw.


We Still Do Coaching In The Winter!

Winter riding truly requires a whole new skillset and we have tried everything possible to find the best tips and tricks possible. For pricing and availability please email!