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8 Rounds, 8 Countries, 1 Winner

The 2022 Hard Enduro World Championship (HEWC) is back for another series after an exceptional inaugural season in 2021. With an eight round series already locked into place far before the first event in Israel (April 5/6/7), spectators and riders alike are looking forward to an experience that has never been seen before. Eight countries, eight rounds, and the very best terrain the world has to offer to the championship contenders such as Billy Bolt, Manuel Lettenbichler, Graham Jarvis, Wade Young and many more.

What Is Hard Enduro?

Hard enduro, also referred to as "extreme enduro" is a mass participation sport where the combination of man and machine is pushed to their absolute limits. A mixture of cross-country and trials riding as well as extreme endurance is where the sport of hard enduro comes from. At certain events, hundreds of riders may start with only a handful of extreme athletes finishing the course. Hard enduro is not a sport for the faint of heart... it requires incredible grit, stamina, endurance all done through countless hours on a 200+ pound motorcycle.


What Is The Hard Enduro World Championship?

The Hard Enduro World Championship is a world wide series with the goal of taking the best riders from across the globe and putting them to the test on some of the most difficult terrain around. With the giants of the hard enduro world like the Erzberg Rodeo, Red Bull Romaniacs, and Hixpania Hard Enduro, riders will be faced with new territory they have never ridden before in Serbia, Israel, and Canada. 2022 is the second season for the HEWC and the promoters, with the combination of new events and existing riders are ready to take the championship to the next level.

New For 2022:

Minus 400 (Israel): The very first round of the series in early April is looking forward to bringing the HEWC to Israel for the first time in series history. The "Minus 400" event name comes directly correlated with it's elevation to the Dead Sea as it is the lowest point on earth, 400 meters below sea level. Through three days of epic riding including an urban prologue, a desert hare scramble, and the main hard enduro which is a 75km grueling course which the riders will have to tackle rocky riverbeds, hill climbing, narrow ridges, sharp descents and super-technical extreme sections.

Xross (Serbia): The Xross team in Serbia have developed a a fantastic hard enduro event on some of the most challenging terrain in the world over the past few years and have found themselves with a well deserved spot on the 2022 HEWC calendar. Xross has an extremely challenging course for next year spanning across THREE mountains... sure to test the limits of riders this upcoming May.

Red Bull Outliers (Canada): Red Bull Outliers will be the penultimate round of the HEWC directly after Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Challenge. As riders travel across the globe to North America for round six and seven, they will be in for a real treat and we are extremely excited to be apart of it! 2022 will be the second year for Red Bull Outliers looking to go back to a two day format which will test the riders with a challenging urban endurocross for day one, followed by a grueling hard enduro main event in the badlands of Steveville, Alberta. The terrain in the badlands is no joke. Intense heat, extreme elevation changes, and gnarly obstacles... the home of the dinosaurs is ready for the HEWC riders.

How Can I Find More?

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