2022 Red Bull Outliers | Rad 2.0

Red Bull Outliers 2022 is slowly approaching and we cannot be any more excited about it! Obstacles are being built, the badlands are being marked and we are firing on all cylinders as the days tick by. We have created this page on www.rad20.ca for general information purposes with some of the critical news for this year. Remember that all of the details can be found on the official event page at: Red Bull Outliers Canada 2022: Official Event Page


What Is Red Bull Outliers?

We get this question all the time! To answer everything in one quick and easy swoop we decided to construct a blog that includes everything from the back-story, how we are involved, and event details for this year. See our What Is Red Bull Outliers? | Rad 2.0 (rad20.ca) blog for more information!

How Is Rad 2.0 Involved In RBO?

Most of how we are involved with Red Bull Outliers is in our blog above but if you haven't read it yet... we can fill you in! We originally got connected with Red Bull after our owner, Shane Cuthbertson, was building an endurocross track in Calgary for AMA Endurocross training. Word spread fast that the track was built and we were contacted by the fantastic people at Red Bull asking if we wanted to put on a Red Bull backed endurocross race. We built and successfully ran what became Red Bull Rocks and Logs for many years when Red Bull asked, "Can we step it up?" Of course when Red Bull asks, you have to make it happen and that is how Outliers was born. We are extremely excited to be in the position to work with a company as RAD as Red Bull on a project this big. For this year, Shane is the course manager and oversees everything to do with the schedule, locations, obstacles, etc. With our job being on the inside of Red Bull Outliers, make sure you stay tuned across our social media channels for all the inside tips!

What Is The Hard Enduro World Championship?

With Outliers taking a spot in the Hard Enduro World Championship for this year, we have had a TON of questions about what this means and what level of riders will be racing in the pro class for this year. We wrote a blog to break down all the information and it can be found here! What Is The Hard Enduro World Championship? | Rad 2.0 (rad20.ca)

We will be posting a bunch of information regarding all aspects of the race for this year across our social media platforms (FB: Rad 2.0, IG: Radtwopointoh) as we are on the ground level and know all the news! The Red Bull Outliers Canada 2022: Official Event Page is the place to find the rules, schedule, and all official information. Checkout the videos below to get a feel for how this event will look!

Calgary's Red Bull Outliers! Everything YOU Need to Know with Race Director Shane Cuthbertson - YouTube

Red Bull Outliers: Extreme Enduro In the Badlands of Alberta 🇨🇦 - YouTube

Thanks for reading everyone! If you ever have any questions about the event, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. #TEAMRAD2.0