Grinding Stone/Moab Off-Road Tour

Are you tired of dealing with the brutal Canadian winters, experiencing irritability towards seeing social media posts of warm weather, tossing and turning in your sleep due to the need to ride dirtbikes again, or getting anxious every time the words "RedBull Outliers" gets said? These are all clear symptoms of missing your motorcycle and this is a common issue in our worlds. Fortunately, we have the only cure... embark on an EPIC off-road tour with us down in Moab, Utah to experience once in a lifetime riding/racing experience with perfect training for Outliers. Well, what are you waiting for, discover your cure and read on!

What's Included:

Bike/Gear Transport From YYC/Southern Alberta
Pickup And Drop Off At Salt Lake City Airport (OPTIONAL)
4 Nights Accommodation In Moab, Utah (Meals Included)
3 Days Guided/Coached Riding In Moab, Utah
3 Nights Accommodation In Page, Utah (Grinding Stone Race Site)
Race Prep And Guidance For Grinding Stone Hard Enduro


The Experience:

This tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the avid dirt bike rider. We all see the rad pictures of videos of riding in Moab, so why not get to experience that for yourself. We will be taking you on a guided tour on some of Utahs finest trails including Slick Rock, Moabs Rim, Steel Bender, and more. The first three days in Utah will take you through some breathtaking riding and scenery. With some short time on the road, we will travel to Page Arizona and get geared up to hit the first round of the 2022 AMA Extreme Enduro Championship, the Grinding Stone Hard Enduro. After a RAD celebration dinner and some time to share some great stories about the day, it will be time to head home to share your experiences with others!


4 Nights All Inclusive Stay At An Off-Road Centered Lodge (Moab UT)
Individual Rooms, Queen Size Beds (Moab UT)
3 Shared Bathrooms (Moab UT)
4 Dinners + 4 Breakfasts Prepared By Nutritionist (Moab UT)
There Is A Garage To Prep/Store Bikes (Moab UT)
3 Night General Stay Near Race Site (Page UT)
There Will Be Some Travel Time Between Moab And Page

Grinding Stone Hard Enduro:

The Grinding Stone Hard Enduro was a new addition to the AMA Extreme Enduro Series last year and has been placed as round one once again on the 2022 schedule. Featuring some of the gnarliest and unique terrain in the world, we will be travelling down to Page, Utah to tackle this giant. Race with the likes of Cody Webb, Trystan Hart, and more! This race is fantastic training for the upcoming year and undoubetdly an experience you will ever forget. To view more information, view the Grinding Stone Facebook page here.

Pricing And Additional Information:

2 More Spots Available
Pricing Does Not Include Race Entry, Flights, Additional Travel Expenses, Food After Moab Accommodation, Etc.
This Tour Is Aimed For Intermediate/Advanced Riders

Please contact for all inquiries and additional details not listed!

Looking for more details regarding the riding areas? Click on the following links below!