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Area 31 Private Off-Road Coaching With Lexi Pechout

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September 28th
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Available
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Available

We are so stoked to have the opportunity to come back to Area 31 for this year and do some more off-road coaching! The club and everyone involved last year were kind enough to extend the invitation to open up some Rad 2.0 off-road coaching for 2022. This year we are mixing it up a little bit and having both Shane Cuthbertson and Lexi Pechout as instructors so we were able to open up a few extra spots so we can get everyone some RAD training! 


Private Coaching:

Our private coaching is a unique structure where yourself or a few friends can get some one-on-one coaching with Shane or Lexi. There will be a few time spots to choose from and a selection of the amount of riders in the session. If you have a group of three friends, just select the three person time slot and get your friends to pay you back for their spots! That way, it is easy to keep you all accounted for!


Private Coaching Rates:

One Rider $160

Two Riders: $130 Each

Three Riders: $110 Each


Guest Coach Lexi Pechout:
We are sure you have most likely heard of the #151 before as she truly is one of the most influential off-road riders in Canada! With her experience riding and racing across the globe at a very high level, she is the PERFECT lady rider to have on as a guest coach for this Rad Pac. Along with a few other RAD ladies, Lexi has been at the forefront in Canada shaping what it means to be a lady rider! Lexi has gained experience being a top professional Canadian Women's motocross racer, an ISDE silver medalist, an AMA Endurocross champion, winner of the Japanese Hidaka two day enduro, an Albertan off-road champion and so much more! We don't know of many riders as qualified as Lexi and this course will let you get an inside view of the techniques she has picked up riding across the globe.
Who We Are:
Here at Rad 2.0 we specialize in helping riders take their skills to the next level. Through a unique 3-pack coaching style, we go over a step by step process each class which gives you time to think and process what you learned, and apply them to the next class. Your instructor Shane Cuthbertson, has ample experience professionally racing on the worldwide stage and has picked up some of the very best techniques used by the top off-road riders.
Questions About The Course:
We are sure you may have a few questions about these upcoming courses and we are here to help. Please email shane@rad20.ca to get some assistance!
Where Can I See More?

    DISCLAIMER: You WILL learn something in this clinic that will help you conquer the trails no matter the terrain! Whether it is racing, trail riding, going on adventures, and more... you will be able to show the new techniques that the world-class riders use!